January 21, 2018


Emotionally Focused TherapyEmotionally Focused Therapy: A How-to Manual for Building Strong Bonds in your marriage

EFT is:

  • Empirically validated: It’s one of the few approaches to couple therapy shown by research to be effective – over 70% successful – even with highly distressed couples. An astounding 90% of couples experienced at least some improvement!
  • Based on John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory: As applied to adult love relationships, it recognizes the ongoing need we all have for reliable attachment figures in our intimate relationships and assumes that a secure attachment with our partner provides the solid base that helps us manage emotional distress.
  • An experiential approach: Couples change by identifying and expressing their ongoing need for strong, accessible, responsive emotional connections. Emotions are the focus because they  are compelling and instructive; they tell us what’s important to us.
  • Growth oriented: The focus is on individual and couple strengths and recognizes that human beings have an inherent drive towards growth and healthy relationships.
  • Collaborative: A strong alliance – where couples are the experts on their own experience and can express this in therapy –  is key. The therapist’s role is that of process consultant, helping partners connect their own internal experience with their couple interactions.
  • Focused on the present: While history often plays an important role in shaping our ways of relating, it is the emotionally driven interactions in the here and now that are the focus of therapy.
  • Emotionally engaging: The active, evocative approach is especially effective at drawing out men, who often have more difficulty accessing and expressing their emotions.
  • Clear and concise: Susan Johnson, the principal developer  of EFT for couples, has clearly elaborated a therapy model that relies on attachment theory as the basis for understanding adult love relationships, including the nature of conflict and the change process in couple therapy.

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