January 21, 2018

Relationships 101

Couple Therapist in Evanston, ILWhat research tells us about intimate relationships:

  • Emotional distance – not conflict – destroys marriages.
  • What couples fight about is usually far less important than how they fight.
  • Marital distress is fueled when partners don’t see their partner as accessible and responsive. The resulting attachment insecurity leads to conflict and/or distance.
  • Even severe breaches in trust can be resolved when partners can tap into the underlying attachment bond and build on it to re-create emotional security.
  • In distressed relationships some partners anxiously pursue for a response, while others shut down and withdraw in an effort to deal with their emotional turmoil.
  • We never outgrow our need for a strong secure attachment bond – the certainty that our partner has our back – especially in times of need.

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